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Finding Your Powerful Questions

The world is changing, questions are now more powerful than answers. We're using this blog to collect powerful questions. To consider powerful questions. To find ways to benefit from powerful questions.

Gone is the age of experts

As the rate of change in the world increases it is no longer possible to be a subject matter expert. Or at least it isn't recommended. What continues to be most important is the ability to jump into a new situation, quickly and accurately assess what is going on, determine the requirements of the situation, and put a plan in place to move forward.

You may not like it, but the sooner you accept that being an 'expert' isn't as important as it used to be, the sooner you can start asking the right questions. The sooner you can clearly see the current situation. The sooner you can make the most of all the resources you now have at your disposal.

So experience is useless?

No. Experience remains paramount. But how you bring that past experience to bear on new situations is key. You can't jump to the conclusion that because you've seen similar situations in the past that the solutions you applied then apply now.

What makes a question powerful?

The first test is simple:

Is there an answer that many people would agree with?

If there is an answer, then we're not interested in the question here. Even if the answer is split 50-50, we're still not interested. Powerful questions will have a different answer for each person, in each situation. If you try and answer the question honestly it will help to illuminate the situation, and help you to better understand yourself.

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