Set better New Yearís Resolutions by understanding past failures

If you are like millions of people you've likely been putting together a wonderful set of new years resolutions - eat better, get more exercise, spend more quality time with friends and family... Good for you! Todayís the day to make those changes!! You can do it!!! But be honest, how many of those exact resolutions did you commit yourself to last year? More importantly:

Why did your New Year's Resolutions
fail last year?

Donít get me wrong - Iím not trying to make you feel bad about yourself or your failed resolutions. Instead, Iím trying to help you understand what didnít work last year so that youíll be more successful this year.

Consider each New Yearís resolution and ask yourself why it failed. Usually it turns out that the cost of achieving the goal ends up being much higher than you expected. If you shrug away the costs in an optimistic early-January burst of optimism it is likely the February-blahs will strip away that optimism, knocking you back onto the couch with a big bag of chips watching Friends on Netflix.

If instead you are realistic up front, and realize that youíre going to get sick of going to the gym after work, for instance, you can prepare yourself in advance for the very items that would otherwise derail you.

If you understand your past failures you can realistically set and achieve resolutions this year.

Like all these powerful questions, being honest with yourself about the true answers is the difficult part.

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